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when the sun sets in winter by ivvy million on Flickr.

It’s days like today that remind me, life is extremely fragile and we need to appreciate every single second and never forget how lucky we are to simply exist. Thank you Samantha Marq for capturing in a single frame the true essence that lives and breathes through Lauren and I on a daily basis. Words of advice to everyone that happens to read this post… Burn that candle, drink that “special” bottle of wine and never lose sight of how perfect each and every one of you are. Explore this beautiful world and surround yourself with people you love and are inspired by. Also, peanut butter cookies and milk are hands down the best combination of food/drink items that has ever existed. I love cookies so much. And also pizza.
-Aaron Paul
I believe in traditional and modern values, I believe in the family, I believe in marriage. I think it’s such a great institution, I think men should be able to marry each other and women should be able to marry each other.
If I can kiss my wife in public, I don’t see why you can’t kiss your husband in public.
When there are children in need of a loving family, and gay couples with so much love to give, we should not allow prejudice to stand in the way of progress for our children or for our wider societ

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Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.
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Your voice could calm the oceans.
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